Karlsgate Expands Karlsgate Identity Exchange™ with the Addition of Leading Marketing Data Creator, AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ joins growing Karlsgate Identity Exchange, enabling secure sharing of powerful predictive data

ATLANTA , GA, USA, June 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Karlsgate, a secure data collaboration company, and predictive marketing data innovator, AnalyticsIQ, today announced a partnership that will bring AnalyticsIQ’s B2C and B2B data to Karlsgate Identity Exchange. The partnership will give marketers, agencies, and technology companies across industries the ability to match and append data from AnalyticsIQ’s comprehensive taxonomy of people-based audiences that provide accurate insight into who people are, what they do, and why they do without sharing any personally identifiable information (PII).

“We’re so pleased to welcome AnalyticsIQ and their commitment to secure data sharing,” said Brian Mullin, CEO of Karlsgate. “Marketers and publishers no longer have to choose between predictive insights and consumer privacy. AnalyticsIQ’s addition to our network further enhances our ability to facilitate the exchange of data without users having to lose custody of their customer data.”

As the first data company to blend cognitive psychology with data science, AnalyticsIQ data helps Fortune 500 brands, marketers, and data scientists gain deeper insight into the hearts and minds of individuals. Karlsgate Identify Exchange will facilitate new data opportunities while ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy compliance by using Cryptoidentity – encrypted, single-use pseudonymized tokens – and a distributed network architecture to match two data sets without sharing or exposing Personal Data identifiers.

“Privacy and compliance are at the core of what we do at AnalyticsIQ. That’s why we are so excited to be a part of Karlsgate identity Exchange,” said Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ. “As clients and data users become more and more concerned with their PII, our partnership with Karlsgate will enable the secure sharing of our accurate and predictive data in a way that does not expose consumer identities.”

For more information on Karlsgate Identity Exchange, visit www.karlsgate.com or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter, and to learn more about AnalyticsIQ, visit analytics-iq.com or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

AnalyticsIQ is the leading predictive analytics and marketing data innovator. We are the first data company to consistently blend cognitive psychology with sophisticated data science to help B2C and B2B marketers understand how and why individuals make decisions regardless of whether they are at home or at work. Our accurate and comprehensive PeopleCore and BusinessCore databases provide unrivaled insights to advertisers, agencies technology companies, and healthcare providers. AnalyticsIQ data helps blue-chip brands fuel personalized experiences across channels including direct mail, email, online, mobile and TV. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the AnalyticsIQ team of data analysts, scientists, and cognitive psychologists has over 100 years of collective analytical experience. To learn more, visit analytics-iq.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Karlsgate is an innovative secure data collaboration company. Through the Karlsgate Identity Exchange and patent pending Cryptoidentity, we empower data owners, brands, publishers, agencies and technology companies to share consumer insights freely without exposing consumer identities. Karlsgate was recognized by I-COM Global as Data Startup for the Year for 2020. For more information, visit karlsgate.com.