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Safely Unlock the Power of Data with the
Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE™)

Reimagine the data playbook.

  Seamlessly integrate data governance and security measures without limiting the utility of your data.

  Partner with anyone, anywhere. Free yourself from the usual complexities and limitations of traditional approaches. 

  Never share your identifiable data. Never share persistent IDs.

  Efficiently comply with "right to be forgotten" and consent management regulations.

Use Cases.

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Public Health Monitoring

Enables privacy-enhanced monitoring and analysis of health data from various sources to track disease outbreaks, identify trends, and inform public health policies and interventions.


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Empower Healthcare Research

Empowers Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Health Information Networks (HINs) to easily share patient data for research and innovation, without risking PHI exposure. Researchers can quickly access the data needed to develop new treatments and improve healthcare outcomes.

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Cross-Agency Data Collaboration

Karlsgate enables secure integration of data from various government agencies to streamline service coordination. With Karlsgate, agencies can share data in an automated and privacy protective manner.


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Fraud Prevention and Detection

Karlsgate helps combat fraud by securely integrating data from multiple public or private sources to identify suspicious patterns and behaviors. This enables proactive measures to prevent fraud and protect public funds.

With Karlsgate, you can...


Simplify Data Exchange

We provide a streamlined protocol that simplifies the process of connecting data with any partner, anywhere, making it easier to get more data than ever before. By automating data element normalization, standardization, and file format alignment, Karlsgate reduces the manual effort required for data collaboration and integration projects. Increasing efficiency means more data sooner, letting you focus on realizing the value of your data. 


Scale Data Connectivity

Karlsgate empowers data owners to scale data connectivity efforts without compromising the security of PII or the efficiency to connect data. More data from a variety of sources is needed to power AI-driven decisions and solutions. Gone are the days of limiting yourself to partners within a closed data ecosystem. Whether you need to connect with other government agencies or the private sector, we facilitate seamless collaboration with privacy-by-design precision and accuracy.   


Collaborate With Anyone, Compliantly

We pioneer practical tools to ensure the security and control of your data in today's interconnected environment. Now, cross-agency collaboration and connectivity with the private sector no longer means needing to share PII or leverage persistent IDs; our unique capabilities make it possible to compliantly match data at an individual level while sending neither PII nor persistent IDs to your data partners. Privacy-enhancing and data governance measures are seamlessly embedded into data workflows, striking a balance between data utility and protection.

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