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About Karlsgate

Introducing next-gen data sharing

Technology is changing. How we deal with big data needs to change with it.

That's where Karlsgate comes in.

Explore what makes us tick

At our core, we’re data scientists and technologists who, after more than two decades in the industry, have come to a major realization: the way companies are handling data simply isn’t the best way anymore. It’s slow, it’s risky, and truthfully – it's outdated.

As we usher in what we call the “Protected Data Age,” we’re changing the game. Gone are the days of slow data exchanges, vulnerable consumer information, and costly data breaches. Data is more powerful than ever and harnessing it to drive business decisions should be easier, quicker, and safer than ever before, too.

We’re transforming the way we think about data sharing

Data collaboration has never truly been safe, ethical, and efficient all at the same time. Why? Because nobody had the mechanism to do so – until now. Karlsgate Identity Exchange, or KIE™, was designed to change that.

We envisioned a network that treats data differently, one that makes it easy to connect data with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Our goal was to leverage best practices in data exchange to result in high-quality, precise matching, all without having to send your data out, where it’s vulnerable to hackers or data breaches. And so we got to work.


The Story Of Our Name

Karls Gate (Karlstor) is a gate in Munich, Germany, which originally served as part of the city’s defense system and is still standing today. While Karlstor has been updated over time, the landmark serves as a reminder of the intricate protection – and access – the gate provided the city. Like Karlstor, Karlsgate’s technology is inspired by and consists of complex architecture and multi-layered protection, ultimately giving data owners complete control of who can – and cannot – access their data.

At Karlsgate, we're kicking off the next generation of data-sharing. Are you with us?

Our Values

The principles driving our team

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At Karlsgate, ethics are at the core of what moves us. Every interaction, both large and small, internal and external, is driven by the fact that we live and breathe with the mindset of doing the right thing.”


The truth is, in an industry like ours where security and compliance are paramount, we simply couldn't succeed without integrity as our ethos, and aim to build a team that echoes these beliefs. 

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As an organization, Karlsgate seeks out and embraces differing points of view as we know that it helps stimulate creative innovation. We have built our company on a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace that enables us to continue to foster an environment of revolutionary transformation. We truly believe there’s no better group of people to do what we do.


Just like our technology connects data, our culture thrives on building connections – with our clients and with each otherand breaking down silos. From our co-founders to our newest hires, each one of us brings a unique personality, background, and skillset that together creates the magic behind our business. 

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We’re a team of problem solvers who simply won't accept the status quo. Instead of letting barriers stand in our way, we invent new ways to break them down. Look at our technology, which was built to address problems that existed in the industry forever.


Every project we work on, every update we make to our technology, and even every meeting and call at Karlsgate is powered by our need to innovate and solve problems. We’re hungry to open new doors, expand the global datasphere, and ultimately unlock better data collaboration.  


Our Team

Meet the team behind Karlsgate

Vivian Zhou, Co-Founder

Vivian Zhou


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Regina Gray, COO

Regina Gray

Chief Operating Officer

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Laszlo Koller, CTO

Laszlo Koller

Chief Techology Officer

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Ken Domnitz, CFO

Ken Domnitz

Chief Financial Officer

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Rob Bradley, VP, Partnerships

Rob Bradley

VP, Partnerships

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Kirsten Rispoli, Content Marketing Manager

Kirsten Rispoli

Content Marketing Manager

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Susan Leston, Customer Success Director

Susan Leston

Customer Success Director

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Yassir Oulmokhtar, Senior Cloud Engineer

Yassir Oulmokhtar

Senior Cloud Engineer

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Paola Sanchez, Accounting Associate

Paola Sanchez

Accounting Associate

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Karlsgate Identity Exchange matching process is an orchestrated procedure between 3 locations: (a) your internal network, (b) your trading partner’s internal network, and (c) a cloud-based facilitator node. The important detail is that zero identifying data leaves your environment – only cryptoidentities (one-time, secret keyed hash values derived from the original identifiers) are transmitted to a secure third-party escrow. Cryptoidentities are compared by a Karlsgate-controlled, temporary, virtual machine (facilitator node) hosted by a major cloud provider.

 The facilitator and its associated storage escrow are destroyed after every trade. No uploaded data is kept on Karlsgate's servers or cloud servers after a trade. The hashed tokens that are transmitted to the facilitator have no identifying value, since they are scrambled with a shared secret key between two trading partners for the specific trade only that is never communicated to Karlsgate.

Unlike data clean rooms, the facilitator does not exist before each trade it processes and does not rely on any previously stored information.

Karlsgate never receives identifying or pseudonymous data. All data from our point of view is anonymized, since there is no possibility to re-identify individuals from using the data we receive.

The hashed tokens are stored in a secure cloud storage escrow during the matching process. Once the facilitation process is completed, then the virtual machine and escrow storage are purged and decommissioned immediately. There is no residual data storage on our servers.

Is it safe?

The Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE), is a zero-trust data connectivity network technology, enabling companies to match and share data with complete security, privacy compliance and efficiency. Our users keep full custody of their own data, and never reveal PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to any other parties (including Karlsgate) during the entire matching and sharing process.  

KIE blocks all forms of re-identification and ensures partners and hackers cannot benefit from residual effects of transactions. Sensitive data is completely removed from the workflow. No personal data is transmitted to perform an exchange and never leaves your environment. Non-personal data is always encrypted while in transit and at rest.

Can I test it out first?

Yes. It is free to get started using our Introductory level package. Once set up, you can facilitate a test trade between your company and our SampleBot, which is an example data file consisting of 1,000 records. Or, invite a trading partner using one of the free, unrestricted trade requests you get upon signup.

What countries does Karlsgate service?

Karlsgate is a global solution.


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