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See and hear from the thought leaders that work for and with Karlsgate, and watch our platform in action through our ever-growing video library.

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Connectivity Made Safe and Easy

Karlsgate's technology makes connectivity safe and easy, without losing custody of your data. 



See KIE in Action

Ready to unlock the power of Karlsgate's technology? See KIE in action and set up a free account. 

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How Karlsgate Cryptoidentity Works

Founder and CEO Brian Mullin explains how the Karlsgate Identity Exchange uses Cryptoidentity to help companies share data safely and securely.




What’s Now Interview with Karlsgate’s CEO Brian Mullin

Co-Founder Brian Mullin explains what our technology does, how it works and why it is truly transformative.




MSLA International Partners with Karlsgate for Zero-Trust Data Sharing in Latin America

Luis Rios, CEO of MSLA International, explains why MSLA chose to partner with Karlsgate to provide Zero-Trust Data Sharing to their clients throughout Latin America.