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The Data Pipeline Revolution

Unlocking Speed, Automation & Scalability


Getting valuable data comes with a burden. From finding and vetting data partners to trusting collaborators not to mishandle your data... the risks of exposing identifiable information and the fines that come along with doing so are high.  Karlsgate knew there had to be a better way. So, we built it. 

The Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE™) provides a privacy-enhancing layer that is easily integrated into existing data workflows, mitigating the risks associated with data collaboration and minimizing the potential for re-identification... all while automating all components associated with data access, high-fidelity matching, and integration. 

Use Cases

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Cross-Border Data Enrichment

Karlsgate enables a Latin America based telecommunications company to collaborate with a US based data & analytics company in order to gain more insight into its subscribers via demographic data.

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Secure Data Connectivity at Scale

Karlsgate provides a health system-led data analytic platform with the precision linking of data from hundreds of systems, sources, and organizations to support machine learning and insight generation.

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Closed-Loop Data Collaboration Ecosystem

Karlsgate empowers a leading media company to collaborate with clients and partners in the broadcasting, newspaper, and digital media industries to target and engage their audience effectively and compliantly amidst third-party cookie deprecation and evolving privacy regulations.

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Optimized Data Interoperability

Karlsgate enables a digital financial services company to accelerate time to insights. Lengthy infosec and compliance processes, costly engineering resources, and costly tech integrations for each new data partner or inter-departmental use case are no longer needed. 

Karlsgate Addresses Needs Across Industries

Zero-Trust Collaboration

Collaborate with data partners with unprecedented levels of identity protection and automated data management.

Actionable De-Identification

Swap sensitive information for safe and actionable cryptonyms, without losing the ability to re-link or match data at the individual level. 

Anonymous Analytics

Create a completely anonymous dataset for use by your internal or external analytic team via a no-code user interface. 

Automated Workflows

Embed KIE™ directly into your workflows and automate your data processes.  

Easy, Fast & Lightweight Data Collaboration


Get Set Up

Create an account on the exchange site. Install member node. KIE interrogates your file and registers identity and attribute metadata on the exchange.
▷ Now you're ready to list your data.


List Your Data

Point at your data and create a listing. Choose what data you would like to make discoverable. Set the level of visibility for each listing.
▷ Now you're ready to invite or find potential partners.


Send a Proposal to a Potential Partner

Set parameters for an exchange proposal based on which attributes can be shared. View the potential partner's data identifiers. Choose what the data can be matched on and in what sequence.
▷ Now you're ready to execute a trade.


Execute the Trade

Negotiate with trading partners and counter before acceptance when needed—fully control all aspects of the proposal before commitment.
Accept contract to trigger the trade, which results in the agreed-upon attributes imprinted on your database.



Embracing the Protected Data Age

Build a more secure data ecosystem. Join the Protected Data Age, a new paradigm where customer identity protection is inherent to the process of data sharing.

Get Your Team On Board: Insights for Key Stakeholders

Karlsgate Identity Exchange solves the biggest challenges associated with establishing and managing data partnerships.

Secure Data Sharing Improves Customer Experiences

Data Analytics Enhanced by Data Collaboration

Data Integration with Less Effort and Lower Risk

Compliance Officers Ensure Consumer Data Compliance

Resource Center

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