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Addressing the Real-World Complexities of Working with Data

Leveraging data should be seamless, swift, and secure.
It’s time for a new data playbook – one that prioritizes both security and usability.


Zero-Trust Collaboration

Collaborate with data partners with unprecedented levels of identity protection and automated data management.

Actionable De-Identification

Swap sensitive information for safe and actionable cryptonyms, without losing the ability to re-link or match data at the individual level.

Anonymous Analytics

Create a completely anonymous dataset for use by your internal or external analytic team via a no-code user interface.

Automated Workflows

Embed KIE™ directly into your workflows and automate your data processes. 

  Seamlessly Integrate within Existing Infrastructure: Karlsgate can be deployed in any environment.

  Match & Share Data without Risk: Collaborate without ever sharing identities outside your secure environment.

  Employ Advanced Automation: Automate data element normalization, standardization, & file format alignment.

  Efficiently Connect with Other Systems: Streamline data management processes, remove redundancies, & reduce costs.

  Maintain Ultimate Control: Collaborate across disparate systems without relinquishing control of your data.

Simplifying Data Excellence

Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE™)

Deploy Effortlessly

Designed intentionally to be lightweight and flexible, KIE seamlessly embeds into any data workflow, in any environment. Create an account and deploy a node in less than 25 minutes. 

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Experience Seamless Data Connectivity 

Business users can effortlessly execute a range of data connectivity projects through a user-friendly, no-code interface - significantly reducing the time and effort and removing these projects from the IT queue.

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Manage Your Data Workflows

KIE users can also flexibly manage their own network of data partners and control the details of how data is linked and shared. While your actual data file stays resident within your security perimeter (e.g., behind your firewall), the KIE portal allows users to connect and collaborate 

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Embracing the Protected Data Age

Build a more secure data ecosystem. Join the Protected Data Age, a new paradigm where customer identity protection is inherent to the process of data sharing.

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