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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Karlsgate Identity Exchange matching process is an orchestrated procedure between 3 locations: (a) your internal network, (b) your trading partner’s internal network, and (c) a cloud-based facilitator node. The important detail is that zero identifying data leaves your environment – only cryptoidentities (one-time, secret keyed hash values derived from the original identifiers) are transmitted to a secure third-party escrow. Cryptoidentities are compared by a Karlsgate-controlled, temporary, virtual machine (facilitator node) hosted by a major cloud provider.

The facilitator and its associated storage escrow are destroyed after every trade. No uploaded data is kept on Karlsgate's servers or cloud servers after a trade. The hashed tokens that are transmitted to the facilitator have no identifying value, since they are scrambled with a shared secret key between two trading partners for the specific trade only that is never communicated to Karlsgate.

Unlike data clean rooms, the facilitator does not exist before each trade it processes and does not rely on any previously stored information.

Karlsgate never receives identifying or pseudonymous data. All data from our point of view is anonymized, since there is no possibility to re-identify individuals from using the data we receive.

The hashed tokens are stored in a secure cloud storage escrow during the matching process. Once the facilitation process is completed, then the virtual machine and escrow storage are purged and decommissioned immediately. There is no residual data storage on our servers.

Is it safe?

The Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE), is a zero-trust data connectivity network technology, enabling companies to match and share data with complete security, privacy compliance and efficiency. Our users keep full custody of their own data, and never reveal PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to any other parties (including Karlsgate) during the entire matching and sharing process.

KIE blocks all forms of re-identification and ensures partners and hackers cannot benefit from residual effects of transactions. Sensitive data is completely removed from the workflow. No personal data is transmitted to perform an exchange and never leaves your environment. Non-personal data is always encrypted while in transit and at rest.

How long does it take to process a trade?

It depends on the size of the files and the number of match passes and attributes appended. In general, 1 million records can be processed in 11 seconds (simple match pass) whilst 100 million records with 10 match passes and 600+ attributes appended would be processed in less than 18 hours.

Does Karlsgate do fuzzy matching?

We define fuzzy matching as loose matching rules based on probabilities. Our matching is fully deterministic—you will always have clarity over a match versus a non-match. To ensure that all potential matches are found, our software performs “soft matching,” or matching on equivalent alternatives, for example: “1 MAIN ST. APT. 2” = “1 Main Street #2”. Soft matching does not need direct access to PII to work and automatically rectifies differences in standardization, whitespace, punctuation, abbreviations, and phonetically similar words.

How does Karlsgate optimize matching to ensure high-quality match rates?

While the ultimate matching is deterministic due to the nature of the cryptoidentities being matched, Karlsgate’s node software performs robust data normalization and standardization processes to align identifying data elements prior to creating the cryptoidentities, which boosts match rates without over-matching.

How many match passes can I use?

For a single trade, you can have up to 10 different match passes, cascading down.

Can I test it out first?

Yes. It is free to get started using our Introductory level package. Once set up, you can facilitate a test trade between your company and our SampleBot, which is an example data file consisting of 1,000 records. Or, invite a trading partner using one of the free, unrestricted trade requests you get upon signup.

What countries does Karlsgate service?

Karlsgate is a global solution.

Have more questions?

To learn more about how Karlsgate’s technology can help you, get in touch.