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Effortless Data Matching & Integration

Unlocking Speed, Automation & Scalability



Keep your data in your
secure environment.


Automatically standardize data to enable precise matching.


Match flexibly and precisely, with no PII/PHI shared. 


Partner with anyone, anywhere compliantly and safely.


At the core of our solutions lies a groundbreaking concept: Partitioned Knowledge Orchestration, a form of Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) technologies. This approach intentionally fragments complete information that could potentially lead to identification or re-identification of shared information. Achieved through meticulous orchestration of a cryptographic transaction involving at least three independent actors, the result is a zero-trust mechanism to share insights between parties with no data engineering effort beyond a one-time set up.  

Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE™) combines privacy-enhancing technology (PET) and our secure data transmission automation technology to make a robust data connectivity solution that meets the challenges of the modern privacy environment. The cryptography used is not a black box or obscure algorithm. In fact, the cryptographic algorithms are configurable per trade simply by selecting among the listed FIPS 140-2 compliant hashing and encryption algorithms.  

This approach results in a no-code, automatable solution where sharing insights never requires loss of control of data.  

For more detailed insights into our Partitioned Knowledge Orchestration, refer to our  whitepaper.  

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Practical tools for meeting data governance, privacy and security requirements:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) never leave your custody
  • Control access via user permissioning
  • Audit documentation of unique contract logs for every transaction 
  • Comply with "right to be forgotten" and consent management regulations
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KIE brings unparalleled automation to data processing through innovative features:

  • Triggered routines 
  • Custom workflows 
  • Data format detection 
  • Semantic detection 
  • Data normalization 
  • Composite key creation 
  • Advanced cryptography 
  • Actionable De-identification 
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Intelligent Data Handling:  Ensuring the highest quality and data integrity. KIE sets a new standard in intelligent data management. 

Operational Efficiency: Effortlessly manage data processes & streamline workflows.  

Flexible Data Connectivity Options: Never disclose/share identifiable information

  • Perform overlap analysis and compare two data sets 
  • Share data attributes for the individuals in common 
  • Automatically create an anonymized  file of overlapped records  
  • Send or receive de-identified data from any number of data sources/partners 
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Partner with anyone, anywhere compliantly and safely.

  • Reduce reliance on IT with a flexible, no-code user interface
  • Empower local and global data sharing
  • Orchestrate and control data flows with internal and external partners
  • Process billions of records with the click of a button

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process a trade?

It depends on the size of the files and the number of match passes and attributes appended. In general, 1 million records can be processed in 11 seconds (simple match pass) whilst 100 million records with 10 match passes and 600+ attributes appended would be processed in less than 18 hours.

Does Karlsgate do fuzzy matching?

We define fuzzy matching as loose matching rules based on probabilities. Our matching is fully deterministic—you will always have clarity over a match versus a non-match. To ensure that all potential matches are found, our software performs “soft matching,” or matching on equivalent alternatives, for examples “1 MAIN ST. APT. 2” = “1 Main Street #2”. Soft matching does not need direct access to PII to work and automatically rectifies differences in standardization, whitespace, punctuation, abbreviations, and phonetically similar words.

How does Karlsgate optimize matching to ensure high-quality match rates?

While the ultimate matching is deterministic due to the nature of the cryptoidentities being matched, Karlsgate’s node software performs robust data normalization and standardization processes to align identifying data elements prior to creating the cryptoidentities, which boosts match rates without over-matching.

How many match passes can I use?

For a single trade, you can have up to 10 different match passes, cascading down.