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Privacy-Preserving Connectivity for

 Identified and De-identified Healthcare Data

Free yourself from the usual complexities of healthcare data collaboration.

  Partner with anyone, anywhere. Don't limit yourself to closed ecosystems or previously tokenized or anonymized data.

  Realize the value of identified patient data without risking PHI or sacrificing HIPAA compliance.

  Step into the Protected Data Age, where faster, easier, more scalable data connectivity is the norm.

Use Cases.

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Privacy-Preserving Identified Data Integration 

Compliantly exchange and integrate identified, real-world data across multiple sources without ever exposing PHI or breaking HIPAA compliance.

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Risk-Free Business Associate Collaboration 

Rethink the way you work with business associates and protect yourself from costly breaches. Now, collaborate with data partners without ever sharing your identifiable patient data.

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Privacy-Preserving Patient Eligibility Verification

Efficiently synchronize identified patient information across hospitals, providers, systems, payers, and insurance plans without losing custody of your data. 

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Secure Patient Data Reconciliation

Synchronize patient identities and get a comprehensive view of patients across disparate health systems. Easily create a connected view with data from various EMRs without moving or exposing your data.

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Secure Clinical Data Collaboration

Easily collect, manage, and exchange data between sponsors, labs, CROs, and other clinical providers with identified or deidentified data for clinical trials. A Privacy-by-Design approach ensures precision data matching.

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FHIR Data Interoperability

Integrate EMR data without ever moving, sharing, or exposing your sensitive PHI. Get a comprehensive view of a patient from multiple EMR sources with a simple setup and automated execution.

With Karlsgate, healthcare organizations can...


Simplify Data Exchange

We provide a streamlined platform that simplifies the process of connecting data with any partner, anywhere, making it easier to get more data than ever before. By automating data element normalization, standardization, and file format alignment, Karlsgate reduces the manual effort required for data integration projects. More efficiency means more data sooner, leaving you more time to spend evaluating incoming data and deriving meaningful healthcare insights. 


Scale Data Connectivity

Karlsgate empowers healthcare organizations to scale data connectivity efforts without compromising the security of PHI or the efficiency to connect patient data.  More data from a variety of sources is needed to power AI-driven decisions and solutions. Gone are the days of limiting yourself to partners within a closed data ecosystem. Whether you need to connect with research partners, external healthcare providers, or other industry stakeholders, we facilitate seamless collaboration with privacy-by-design precision and accuracy.  


Collaborate With Anyone, Compliantly

We prioritize data privacy and security, ensuring PHI and patient identities remain safeguarded during all touchpoints of the data sharing process. Now, being HIPAA compliant no longer means needing to tokenize your data; our unique capabilities make it possible to compliantly match identified patient data, too. By embedding privacy-enhancing measures directly into data workflows, we mitigate the risks associated with business associate data collaboration and minimize the potential for re-identification. 

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