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Scalable Data Connectivity

Automate secure data collaboration to optimize data value

Our Solution

Privacy-by-Design Technology Enabling Zero-Trust Data Sharing

Our Solution

Data Collaboration Without the Risk

Karlsgate Identity Exchange™ enables all data ecosystem participants to share consumer insights with unprecedented levels of identity protection.
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to securely interoperate your data across partners, solutions, and systems by automating data integration steps

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with any data source while ensuring compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, CPRA, and other regulations

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to access and integrate data sources through a no-code, UI-driven system designed for their specific needs

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by automatically cleaning, correcting, and standardizing your data for integration with other data sources


Why Karlsgate?

Karlsgate Identity Exchange: Cost Effective, Scalable Solutions

Zero-Trust Required

Get consumer insights without sharing or exposing Personal Data. Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE™) matches data anonymously on-the-fly using patent-pending Cryptoidentity technology.

  • No Personal Data ever leaves your environment
  • No persistent identifier is created
  • No data is retained
  • No identities can be captured or re-identified
Zero-Trust Required
Digital Contracts

Handle Real-World Complexity

Reduce data acquisition from months to minutes. KIE streamlines connecting with partners, aligning on trade details, and data management tasks, to enable sharing insights safely and easily.

  • Easy-to-use and auditable digital trades
  • Flexibility to negotiate logistics with partners
  • Automatic execution after acceptance by both partners

Intelligent Data Match

Simplify data processing with sophisticated input file-matching logic. KIE delivers high-confidence file matching using deterministic cascading match algorithms.

  • Automatically recognize the input identifiers
  • Identify the best way to select and normalize common identifiers
  • Automatically performs required pre-hashing before creating Cryptoidentity
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