Data Compliance Without Sacrificing Customer Experiences

Karlsgate Identity Exchange enables secure data sharing

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Protect both your customers and your company with data compliance

Comply with ever-changing regulations so you can approve new partnerships with confidence. Use secure first-party data enrichment and activation where you never lose custody or control of your data.

Traditional data-sharing models jeopardize data control, identity protection and compromised Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Regulations like GDPR and CCPA have only added to the identity management risks.



average cost per data breach in 2020

(IBM Security, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020)



decrease in global annual sales from a data privacy crisis event

(Data Privacy Manager, Data Privacy study: 500 Companies share their insights, 2020)



GDPR fines for information security deficiencies in 2019

(GDPR enforcement tracker)

Data compliance with a privacy-by-design data sharing network

Karlsgate Identity Exchange simplifies data-partnership management and privacy-complaint data sharing.


Use Cryptoidentities™

The encrypted, single-use pseudonymized tokens match two data sets without sharing or exposing Personal Data

Safeguard personal data

Personal data never leaves your data environment and streamline compliance with consumer protection standards

Build equitable data partnerships

No party receives both the input and output of the hashing function, enabling secure data collaboration

Protect data from bad actors

A virtual facilitator can’t unscramble or deduce original identifiers with a lookup graph

Trust your data network

Karlsgate Identity Exchange includes multi-layered network-security protocols with swappable hashing and encryption algorithms

Zero-trust data sharing: Powering your secure first-party data ecosystem

Karlsgate Identity Exchange™ is a zero-trust model to satisfy the needs of your enterprise and your partners for secure and privacy-compliant data sharing.

Pursue new data partners

Control and transparency

Exchange rules are agreed to ahead of time.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks


Low-friction implementation makes adoption easy.

Control your data

Privacy-compliant data sharing

Personal Data (or PII) never leaves your environment.

Stay ahead of regulations

Zero trust required

No party has the visibility required to re-identify your data.

Save on time-consuming and costly data partnership evaluations

Data compliance that meets the needs of your internal stakeholders

Protect Personal Identities



Simplify your ability to find, evaluate and test data more quickly

Simplify Data Sharing



Implement quickly with limited work for your IT team

Reduce Time to Insight



Build your first-party data strategy with secure anonymized data sharing

Learn how Karlsgate Identity Exchange can help you easily meet data compliance standards

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