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Collaborative Data Solutions Report from Winterberry Group

Collaborative Data Solutions: The Evolution of Identity in a Privacy-First, Post-Cookie World

New research from Winterberry Group says collaborative data solutions, and likewise the future of the market, rely upon permission. The report provides a robust backdrop for the changes companies must contemplate to embrace the Protected Data Age.

This study on collaborative data solutions covers:

  • The primary drivers behind the demand for data collaboration tools
  • 4 main models and technologies for data collaboration
  • Collaboration’s impact on the advertising and marketing ecosystems
  • The new standard in privacy-complaint data collaboration

An Inside Look

It is not only the death of the cookie that is driving the adoption of evolving collaborative data solutions. Rather, it is a combination of several factors, including:

  • A push from regulators
  • The projection of further restriction of identifiers by the browsers
  • The competition for revenue between media owners
  • Walled gardens and marketplaces
  • The continued demand for marketing ROI with consistent consumer interaction

The objective of this collaborative data solutions paper is to facilitate better understanding of this rapidly changing market. Presently, the market is being driven by a mixture of technological innovation, privacy evolution, and data availability. At the same time, brand and media owners must continue to better understand and serve their customers, both independently and through data collaboration.

Survey Methodology

In order to develop this paper on data collaboration, Winterberry Group spoke to more than 50 senior industry experts from both the US and Europe. These experts represented 26 companies involved in the use of data and data collaboration. The companies ranged from technology providers, data companies, and cooperatives to media owners and end user clients. To complement the video interviews, WG ran an online survey of senior brand marketers in November 2020 across both the US and UK.









“Those that are smart are going to find a solution that sets them up for the post-cookie world. I wouldn’t expect every company to get into this, but there is going to be significantly more demand across technologies that  allow you to better collect and connect your data.”