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What’s Now Interview with Karlsgate’s CEO Brian Mullin

Co-Founder and CEO Brian Mullin shares his personal journey and the vision that led to the founding of Karlsgate. Brian explains what our technology does, how it works and why it is truly transformative. You’ll also see how Karlsgate is setting a new standard for the industry and reinventing the future of data sharing. It’s ushering in the Protected Data Age—where zero-trust data sharing will become the industry norm.


Introducing Cryptoidentity

Hashed emails are risky business. Clean rooms have a dirty little secret. Cryptoidentity is a new technology that enables matching, acquiring, and testing data without sharing PII.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • How current data-sharing methods could be putting your customer data at risk
  • Why a zero-trust approach to data sharing can help you thrive in the Protected Data Age
  • Four steps to implementing privacy-by-design data sharing
Introducing Cryptoidentity

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