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Secure Sensitive Data

In today's data-driven landscape, the significance of data cannot be overstated. It not only powers AI engines and drives data fabric initiatives across diverse sectors but also plays a pivotal role in shaping critical decisions within public and private organizations.

This increased reliance on data brings forth significant challenges, particularly in the domains of privacy and information security. The rapid integration of disparate data sources accentuates the need to tackle the potential risks associated with data disclosure. As organizations seek more information, concerns emerge regarding data ownership, control, and the potential harm linked to accumulating personal information. 


Karlsgate Identity Exchange (KIE): Elevating Data Connectivity with Privacy-by-Design

KIE adopts a privacy-by-design approach to data connectivity, surpassing mere compliance with regulations and providing robust protection against unintentional disclosure or re-identification of individuals. With KIE, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) never leave your custody, remaining safeguarded throughout every touchpoint in the data-sharing process. 


Comprehensive Framework Aligned with Regulatory Standards

KIE offers a comprehensive framework aligned with regulatory standards and privacy best practices. Its innovative approach ensures compliance without compromising the utility and value derived from individual-level data, empowering organizations to fully leverage their data assets. 


Privacy-Enhancing Measures: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Compliance

By embedding privacy-enhancing measures directly into data workflows, KIE mitigates the risks associated with business associate data collaboration and minimizes the potential for re-identification. 


At the core of our solutions lies a groundbreaking concept: Partitioned Knowledge Orchestration, a form of Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) technologies. This approach intentionally fragments complete information that could potentially lead to identification or re-identification of shared information. Achieved through meticulous orchestration of a cryptographic transaction involving at least three independent actors, the result is zero-trust mechanism to share insights between parties with no data engineering effort beyond a one-time set up. 

KIE combines privacy-enhancing technology (PET) and our secure data transmission automation technology to make a robust data connectivity solution that meets the challenges of the modern privacy environment. The cryptography used is not a black box or obscure algorithm. In fact, the cryptographic algorithms are configurable per trade simply by selecting among the listed FIPS 140-2 compliant hashing and encryption algorithms. 

This approach results in a no-code, automatable solution where sharing insights never requires loss of control of data. 

For more detailed insights into our Partitioned Knowledge Orchestration, refer to our whitepaper

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“Privacy and compliance are at the core of what we do at AnalyticsIQ. That’s why we are so excited to be a part of the Karlsgate Identity Exchange. As clients and data users become more and more concerned with their PII, our partnership with Karlsgate will enable the secure sharing of our accurate and predictive data in a way that does not expose consumer identities.” 

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