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MSLA International Partners with Karlsgate for Zero-Trust Data Sharing in Latin America

Luis Rios, CEO of MSLA International, explains why MSLA chose to partner with Karlsgate to provide Zero-Trust Data Sharing to their clients throughout Latin America. MSLA International is a leading data solutions company for direct marketing with the most comprehensive B2C and B2B databases for Latin America.


Introducing Cryptoidentity

Hashed emails are risky business. Clean rooms have a dirty little secret. Cryptoidentity is new technology that enables matching, acquiring, and testing data without sharing PII.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • How current data-sharing methods could be putting your customer data at risk
  • Why a Zero-trust approach to data sharing can help you thrive in the Protected Data Age
  • Four steps to implementing privacy-by-design data sharing
Introducing Cryptoidentity

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