Karlsgate streamlines how companies trade data

Secure data sharing without compromising consumer privacy.

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Karlsgate streamlines how companies trade data

Secure data sharing without compromising consumer privacy.

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Welcome to Karlsgate

We’re data scientists and technologists who, for over two decades, have wrestled with a major conflict in the industry. Our appetite for consumer data to drive insights and competitive advantage has outstripped our ability to share it in a safe and privacy-compliant way. Self-regulation isn’t working, and the data economy is broken. We founded Karlsgate to fix it.

Our Approach

Sharing Personal Data isn’t required to get consumer data necessary to deliver meaningful brand experiences. Using Personal Data is just the easiest way to bridge two data sets.

The industry has tried to protect data. But hashing, clean rooms and encrypted transport don’t solve the problem. Personal Data is still being moved around the digital marketing ecosystem. This leaves consumer identities open to exposure of persistency, theft and re-identification.

That’s why we created Karlsgate Identity Exchange™. It’s a zero-trust data sharing platform. Using Cryptoidentity, a patented encryption process, brands can restart the flow of data with safe, peer-to-peer collaboration without ever exposing Personal Data.

Karlsgate is ushering in The Protected Data Age. We are powering the data economy with the free-flowing, responsible and irrefutably safe handling of consumer information.


Our Definition of

No custody

No disclosure

No retention

No persistency

No re-identification

Our Team

Brian Mullin

Brian Mullin,

Brian began his career in a family-owned, big-data processing business. With 19 years of entrepreneurship experience, he developed the world’s first peer-to-peer, file-sharing software and successfully launched three commercial SaaS products. Brian has also held key software development roles at data giants, such as Acxiom and Dun & Bradstreet, twice acting as a Corporate CTO.

Marc Fanelli

Marc Fanelli,

Marc is a foremost domain expert in data-driven marketing—growing from a hands-on data scientist to executive management. Marc built and launched data and analytics businesses for Experian, Merkle and Acxiom, scaling from domestic startups to a combined $250M globally. An industry evangelist and thought leader, Marc holds two US patents in consumer segmentation techniques. A global citizen who has worked in over 50 countries, Marc possesses an extensive international network and is a highly sought-after speaker and contributor.

Vivian Zhou

Vivian Zhou,

Vivian is a data science leader with extensive experience in marketing strategy and program execution for global brands. She held APAC regional lead roles with Accenture, Aegis/Dentsu and Acxiom. Vivian has a deep understanding of the data and digital marketing ecosystem, possessing a wide partner network across APAC and ANZ. Vivian is a blockchain and adtech entrepreneur, gifted at bridging vision with day-to-day solution design and execution.

Tim Slevin

Tim Slevin,

Tim has over 20 years in entrepreneurial and high-growth companies providing leadership, sales management and development. He founded Healthcare Data Solutions in 2006, which was acquired by Iqvia in 2015. Slevin Advisory Group recently led the growth plan and sale of BuildCentral to BCI Media Group. Tim has been a founder or partner in over $50M of data company exits in the past 5 years.

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