First-party data connectivity for publishers

Karlsgate enables successful first-party data activation through secure data collaboration

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Secure Data Collaboration without the Hassle

No upfront costs, no monthly minimums. Just freedom to get the data you need.

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Use first-party data to deliver more value

Connect your first-party data to your advertisers’ data to provide authenticated audiences, measurable performance and accurate advertising attribution.

First-party data strategy priorities realized

Pursue new data partners

No risk data onboarding

Onboard advertisers’ data to your network without a third-party. Eliminate first-party data identity exposure, re-identification or retention with zero-trust data sharing.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks

Stay ahead of regulations

Avoid the privacy pitfalls of third-party onboarding, clean rooms and third-party cookies. Use the most advanced personal data protection technology available to share securely.

Stay ahead of regulations

Control your data

Maintain custody of your data. Match your data to advertisers’ without it ever leaving your environment.

Evolution of Personal Data

Grow your business while adapting to the ever-evolving definition of Personal Data Protection.


Here’s what you can do with Karlsgate Identity Exchange

Make the most of your first-party data to power more effective advertising performance and measurement.

Enrich your subscriber data

Acquire data from other brands and data providers without exposing your subscribers’ identity

Onboard audiences directly

Match advertiser audience data to yours without using a third-party

Attribute advertising performance

Connect your impression and click data directly with your advertisers’ sales data

Collaborate with brand partners

Integrate data for joint promotions, co-branded offerings or white labeled services

Monetize your data safely

Market data to potential partners without the risk of losing control

Get Your Team On Board: Insights for Key Stake Holders

Karlsgate solves the biggest challenges associated with managing first-party data partnerships. We designed the platform to satisfy the needs of your organization’s key stakeholders.

Protect Personal Identities



Simplify your ability to find, evaluate and test data more quickly

Simplify Data Sharing



Implement quickly with limited work for your IT team

Reduce Time to Insight



Comply with ever-changing regulations so you can approve new partnerships with confidence


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